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Felixstowe Port has completed an upgrade to its traffic management systems with Paramount Security Group. The project was always going to be challenging as the port manages over 6000 vehicles per day through its facility. Closing down large areas of the port wasn’t going to be an option due to queuing traffic posing a significant risk to the ports day to day operations which could cause major delays to shipping and maritime vessels entering and leaving the UK Port.

The perimeter security upgrade had a small number of key stake holders which enabled the scope of works to be defined quicker than normal for a project of this size. A partnership was formed to execute the programme of works which included representatives from the UK Border Agency, Felixstowe Port and a dedicated project team from Paramount Security Group which would remain throughout the 12 month project.

Paramount Security Group manufactures a traffic barrier which is designed for arduous duty and long life. The product is currently installed at a number of ports and harbours, both within the UK and Europe. This confidence in both the security provider and the products which they manufacture led the client to specify Paramount’s products for use across their estate.

Access control and integration with third party systems, including vehicle scanning technology and traffic signaling would mean that Paramount would need to develop a custom software programme if the barriers and control systems are to operate in an effective manner. Extensive off site testing and development of the custom access control software required that a large proportion of the contract would need to be fulfilled in our Stoke on Trent production facility before any on site work was able to commence.

Installation of the new traffic barriers has been carried out mainly over the summer months, with the last part of the contract being completed in early November. The Project Manager Wayne Fitzsimmons commented “The project was a difficult and challenging environment, with specific complexity around the access control. We were able to complete the project on time and within budget, the project was a fantastic success”.