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Protecting National Critical Infrastructure has always required a high level of expertise and design ability, to meet the high expectations of the client. Paramount Security Group has supplied a large number of automated security gates to National Grid over the last decade, and has recently completed a further project to secure the perimeter of a National grid facility in Kent.

Paramount has a vast array of expertise in protecting National Critical Infrastructure, with many products having a proven working history spanning in excess of ten years.

The automatic gate project also required integration into other security management systems. A centralised access control system would control the project on a daily basis, managing the staff and contractors who would require access into the restricted area.

Paramount Security Group were awarded the contract due to their unusual ability to complete all aspects of the contract without employing sub contractors. A member of the NICEIC for electrical installation, maintenance and testing also offered a cost reduction opportunity to the client as the electrical completion certificates could be issued when the system was commissioned.

Paramount manufacture a heavy duty automated gate which can be clad with secure and tested fence products at the client option. Specified from the CSE (Catalogue security equipment) previously known as the SEAP (security equipment assessment panel) test standards ensuring the product can withstand a sustained intrusion attack.