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Oxford Airport contracted Paramount Security Group to provide security solutions in 1995. Today some 15 years later, Paramount Security Group still assists in the security management of the facility with the airport continuing to specify Paramount products. 

A wide scope of systems has been specified over the years, and all of the products supplied in 1995 are still in use today, demonstrating the high levels of engineering excellence which go into each and every Paramount product.

Spare parts will always be an issue to a large facility like Oxford Airport. Security at the facility has to be operational 24hrs a day with zero down time. Paramount's UK based parts centre ensures spares are always readily available.

Selecting a security partner was always going to be a challenge for the Airport. Airport security needed a reactive partner that could respond to any issues which were experienced in a timely manor. Since selecting Paramount in 1995 the airport continues to use the proven services of the company.