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Paramount Security Group has provided a range of security systems, site based technical support, parts and components to the UK military for over 20 years.

Our systems have been used to protect air fields, military bases, restricted sites and underground bunkers.

Providing a range of both physical security measures and electronic detection systems, Paramount Security Group has the preferred capability to secure some of the most sensitive and strategic locations around the UK.

With a range of physical security measures listed in the catalogue of security equipment (CSE), military users benefit from the knowledge that our products have been put through a regimented and comprehensive testing regime and offer excellent
resistance to a sustained attack.

Our unique ability to design custom security solutions for both physical and electronic systems, often with bespoke custom designed security software, has seen Paramount Security Group’s high security division become a leader in security counter measures and reliable detection of potential offenders.

Military users should contact their Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) handler for access to our restricted manufactured products.