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Paramount Security Group has a long standing commitment to serving the public sector.

We provide a dedicated and exclusive team of experienced professional personnel who can achieve the high level of protection required by government agencies and the public sector.

Offering a wealth of experience, we can install, service, maintain and respond to a wide array of security systems which are used to protect the public market sector. Our public sector services fulfil the needs of regional police forces, fire and ambulance services, public transport and healthcare sectors.

We provide bespoke design and delivery which affords our public sector customers with solutions that meet their operational requirements. As an independent installer, we can recommend the right solution for each of our clients on an individual basis, making the most of each and every investment.

Providing ongoing integrated security and management to some of the largest regional police forces within England and Wales, our extensive experience is backed up with a proven pedigree of fulfilling this specialist market sector.

Our experience and understanding of both operational and capital budgets mean our public sector customers benefit from significant cost savings, as well as providing a unique ability to capitalise on their current investments.