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Product Overview

Paramesh Deco is a popular style of "V" mesh welded steel fencing with an innovative and unique appearance. It is the perfect choice where security is required but without an intimidating and oppressive appearance. It's sophisticated good look is particularly suitable for use in prestige locations where visual appearance is essential.

The Deco specification utilises 6mm diameter galvanised wire with horizontals spaced at 200mm and 4mm diameter galvanised wire with verticals at centres ranging between 20mm and 43mm to form the unique Deco panel pattern.

'V' Section beams are pressed into the panel to give even greater rigidity and strength

Deco is available in a range of heights from 1.2m to 2.4m.

A combination of panel heights may be utilised to achieve heights in excess of 2.4m by using a Multi Lift Principle.

The panel to post fixing is achieved by using steel fixing brackets and M8 tamper-proof bolts, making the installation of panels a fast and simple process.

The unique fixing bracket design allows the panels to be stepped to suit uneven ground conditions.

Paramesh Deco Mesh Fencing Data Sheet