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Product Overview

Paramesh Super 6 Mesh Panels are manufactured to the same specification as our standard Paramesh 358 Mesh Panels but with the improvement of 6mm nominal vertical wires. This offers additional strength and impact resistance by substantially increasing the rigidity of the panel, offering more protection at an economical price.

Mesh Pattern

Standard mesh panels are manufactured with a mesh pattern of 76.2mm x 12.7mm x 6mm dia. nominal vertical wires and 4mm dia. nominal horizontal wires.

Welding Specification

Resistance welded at each intersection with a 550 N/mm² minimum and weld shear resistance is 75% of the tensile strength.

Reliable Protection

With a sturdy construction and resistance welded at each intersection Paramesh Super 6 has a mesh pattern which is more effective than traditional fencing as it prevents objects from being passed through the fence. It is relatively climb resistant and is difficult to penetrate with the use of conventional hand cutting tools.

Extremely strong & visually discreet

From a distance the mesh pattern of Paramesh Super 6 becomes fairly transparent, providing an excellent aesthetically pleasing fence with the strength and integrity required.


Virtually maintenance free with a long product life due to the high quality raw materials used in the manufacturing process.

Complete Solution

Paramesh Super 6 offers peace of mind by providing an integral and cost effective solution.


The Paramesh Super 6 system is ideal for critical infrastructures, international borders, pipelines, prisons, airports, train stations, utility and chemical plants, hospitals, high value farm machinery or plant, industrial and commercial areas.

Super 6 can be very effective for lower security applications such as schools, colleges or retail and business parks.

Paramesh Super 6 Mesh fencing Data Sheet