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Product Overview

Pararail is a welded fence system designed to meet the requirements of low risk pedestrian demarcation. designed to fulfill a wide raneg of applications which include; sports fields, flower beds, parks or gardens and tree surrounds. The procust has been used sucessfully around statues and objects of specific importance to the general public as either a permanent or temporary solution.

Pararail is a versatile product limited only by the imagination of the specifier, architect or consultant. The products versatility makes it ideal to deter pedestrains away from exhibits, requiring a low level of protection against all kinds of foot fall from spectators and visitors. Improving its surroundings and the environment offering a cost saving opportunity where certified solutions are not required.

Specifications vary for the Pararail fencing system, our standard height is 1.2m but the client has the option to specify the cladding type. Paramesh 868 which features 8mm twin horizontal wires with 6mm vertical wires is a popular choice. We also offer Paramesh 656 using twin 6mm horizontal wires and 5mm vertical wires.

The Pararail family features a top formed rail using 60 x 60 and has the added benefit of an optional bottom rail to increase rigidity.

The Pararail post is 60 x 60 and attaches to the fence using a secure tamper resistant 8mm fixing. Posts are supplied as full length sections designed to be embedded in concrete. 

One of the most versatile products in the Paramesh portfolio, with a proven long life and cost effectiveness will always provide the end customer with a high degree of satisfacion. The product is not suitable for crowd control purposes.

Pararail Pedestrian Fencing Data Sheet