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Product Overview

The Paramount Portcullis Palisade system is designed primarily for defence against intruders. The high security design acts as a substantial deterrent against climbing from both the secure and insecure side of the fence, ramming by vehicles and forcible attack.

Paramount Portcullis holds a registered Trade and Design Mark 1031211.

Portcullis is the ideal choice where high security really counts, designed specifically to meet the requirements of power stations, high voltage sub stations, gas & water installations, military sites, bonded warehouses, refineries, communication centres and any application where strategic protection is essential.

The design benefits from a highly appealing visual aspect, as well as providing major significant advantages:

Technical Specifications

  • Smooth external face making it difficult to climb unaided
  • Wide spacing on the horizontal rails to prevent an intruder obtaining an easy foot hold
  • Upright pale spacing is set to an optimum for increased security
  • Pale profile is resistant to bending in any direction and makes attack from hand tools difficult
  • High torque fixings offer maximum resistance to attack from poles or lever devices
  • Pales are retained by the Bressumer rail even if the fixings are overcome by an offender
  • Support feet improve resistance to ramming or attack from vehicles
  • 25yr life expectancy without major maintenance in most environments
  • Follows gradients and embankment slopes in a visually acceptable and secure way

Portcullis High Security Palisade Data Sheet