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Product Overview

CCTV and Surveillance Systems

Because we offer a wide range of advanced CCTV solutions suitable for small, medium or large sites, Paramount has become the preferred partner for many clients requiring powerful, cost-effective surveillance solutions. Analogue or IP digital systems can be specified at the client’s option. A range of thermal imaging systems can provide effective detection where identification is not necessary or in low light conditions.

Our experienced engineers can provide a working solution that will meet your requirements and provide you with live and recorded images with or without sound – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We work with some of the largest CCTV systems in the UK including Synectics, Honeywell, Dedicated Micros and Xtralis. Our existing CCTV installations cover all types of property from low-risk shops and retail premises to high-risk locations such as government installations and strategic sites.

All of our CCTV products are compatible with off-site monitoring via a central monitoring/alarm receiving station – or for our corporate customers, we can provide feeds into the private control room of your choice.

Paramount’s technical team can design a solution to meet your individual requirements – or alternatively install and maintain to the client’s or consultant’s specifications.

Our smaller systems are compatible with ATM machines and most cash registers – capturing text along with the video and sound, they can offer a comprehensive record of any event. The added information can be combined and used later for evidence, court use or disciplinary procedures. Our CCTV systems are utilised by some of the UK’s largest blue chip organisations and government departments. National infrastructure and communication providers also rely on Paramount CCTV to prevent and reduce risk from varying types of potential attack against essential service sites.

System integration is a major factor in both preventing and managing crime. A fully integrated package which uses the latest in technology will ensure efficient security management. Integration can be implemented with most leading intruder alarms, audio systems, fire alarms and electric security fencing. Managing perimeter security using Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems (PIDS) can be complex. However, a Paramount fully integrated solution solves the problem and is an essential tool for any control room operator managing the needs of a corporate client.