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Product Overview

Maintaining boundary security and reducing the risk of successful penetration on a perimeter fence can be achieved using a combination of system technologies. Paramount Security Group can offer a complete turn key solution, offering not only detection, but deterrence as well.

Delivering a short and sharp electric shock deters even the most determined offender, reducing the risk of theft from a protected site and preventing unauthorized entry. Installing and maintaining a range of perimeter electrified security fencing, we provide solutions for strategic sites and Critical National Infrastructure. Electrified fences can be designed to mount to existing static fencing or provide added protection to roof or wall tops when used an overall topping.

Our electric security fencing is fully scalable and can be configured to indicate alarm activations within zones. This aids any response and ensures the detection can be quickly located by security staff or CCTV. It is designed to complement all Paramount Steel Fence security fencing products and can be easily installed onto a new or existing fence.

Integrating all of our electric security fencing with third party systems is achievable for most of our customers. The use of CCTV, thermal detection cameras or video analytics can offer real time verification to any incident.

Our service centre also offers a maintenance response package, which can be tailored to meet the individual needs of a customer. With spare parts readily available for most electric security fencing systems, we can ensure that any system repairs are carried out swiftly and promptly.