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Product Overview

Effective system management and maintenance is essential to the efficient running of larger Access Control systems. Clients often find the day to day operations of managing their own access control can be achieved, but system modifications and permission edits, database management and the more advanced solutions for maintaining business continuity are often a step too far for larger customers.

Corporate customers and larger business can benefit from using Hosted Access Control, sometimes called Managed Access Control. Whether you are managing a single site or thousands of sites within a single account, Hosted Access Control can offer a solution to the problem of managing your own card access systems.

As a Paramount Security Group client, you can benefit from strategic vertical alignment by consolidating your access control systems into a single account.

When a customer has a wide range of manufactured access systems from the latest state of the art systems to older legacy systems, the problem becomes more complex and difficult to manage.

Many customers and specifiers consider the option of aligning all of their sites to one access standard by using the same access control panel at each site, to simplify the management process. The investment cost required often makes the project unviable, especially when the hardware may be obsolete but is still fully serviceable.

The Paramount ACCESS MANAGER hosted access control platform was designed to overcome the problem of multiple system manufacturers and obsolete access management software offering centralised management and control, utilising the IP infrastructure. It also removes both the cost burden and database maintenance risks from our customer, as we manage the system centrally on your behalf.

With our 24hr support centre open seven days a week, you can ensure technical support is always available, and with your data securely stored away from your premises we are able to provide live support directly into your account.

Included within our hosted access control packages is an advanced Data Backup Utility (DBU) which ensures each account and the data it contains, is maintained up to date and securely backed up ensuring high business resilience for our customers.

Designed to replace the obsolete Europlex software ranges such as Euronet, Europlex 3GS+ and Europlex 3GS+ global, and provide a solution for managing the legacy 3GS systems. The Paramount Access manager bespoke platform now supports multiple access system manufacturer’s equipment from one single platform.

Our clients connect into the Managed Access Control system using a secure web portal. Once within the portal, cards can be added, users deleted, or existing card holders modified. Photos of the card holder can be uploaded to our ID card production facility, where we can produce thermally printed ID cards on behalf of clients. We also provide an extensive reporting tool.