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Product Overview

Commercial Security Alarms

Crime costs businesses, utility companies, government and commercial businesses many millions of pounds every year and the physical losses following an intrusion are only part of the cost. To these must often be added the losses incurred from unfulfilled orders, together with lost production and downtime. Such losses can be every bit as significant as the initial theft. These days, the risk of fatalities and injuries to employees and visitors due to vandalism, criminal damage and public order disturbances must also be considered.

The selection of any security provider demands careful consideration. The Paramount Group of companies offers a comprehensive range of systems, including perimeter protection, as well as more specialised services, including counter terrorism provision and custom software development. Our manufacturing facilities offer complementary products which work seamlessly with our alarm systems; products include electric fencing and buried sensor systems.

Larger clients can benefit from the use of PC based security systems which provide management, monitoring and control – all from a single user interface. We are approved by the National Security Inspectorate (NSI/ NACOSS) (Integrated Systems provider) ensuring that each client is guaranteed a premium quality installation which conforms to British and European standards. A monitored intruder detection system connects your premises to our Central Station 24 hours a day. We monitor activations from all kinds of signals including intruder, fire, lone worker and technical alarms such as a failing freezer or a basement flooding. Clients with existing system builds can benefit from our latest in IP signalling which offers significant savings over conventional systems.

Paramount is widely recognised as the leader in technology integration, providing full connectivity between intruder, fire, CCTV and building management on a single control platform. With over 25 years of experience in this field, we have provided sophisticated, integrated security solutions to some of the largest blue chip companies and to government departments in both the UK and Europe.

Systems are installed to BSEN50131 and ISO9001. We also offer security grades 2, 3 and high security grade 4.