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Product Overview

Detecting a potential intrusion at the boundary of a key installation can facilitate the necessary time interval to provide an appropriate response. The use of Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems (PIDS) technology has been around for some years, using different technologies depending on the type of detection required and the environmental conditions the system has to be capable of operating within.

Paramount Security Group installs and maintains a wide product portfolio of PIDS, installed all over the UK and Europe. Our experience in fence based systems, buried inductive solutions and above ground microwave detection has led to a wider use of perimeter detection systems.

Perimeter security solutions can be relatively straight forward to install where an existing fence or wall can be utilised to mount the detection technology. In some instances the detection equipment needs to be covert and the use of buried system technology can be more advantageous, as the presence of the security system is masked to anyone attempting to breach the security of a perimeter fence line.

Sterile areas are common on higher security installations, as early detection combined with a secondary line of defence increases the overall security by offering the response force additional time to respond to any attempted intrusion.

Most technologies designed to detect the presence of an offender or potential intruder can benefit from integration with third party systems such as CCTV or Security Management Computers running mapping and control solutions. Integration can provide the end user far more information regarding the type of activation and the level of risk that it represents to their premises or personnel.

Reliance on CCTV and live viewing of surveillance cameras can often be reduced by the use of a resilient perimeter detection system, as fewer operator hours are required to manage even the larger of sites and installations. Principal benefits include fewer genuine activations being missed by the control room CCTV operator who relies on live imaging and the keenness of his eye.