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Product Overview

Securecomm is a new innovative and affordable alarm monitoring and system control solution, offering an advanced and flexible software package, which provides a secure monitoring environment for a wide range of security systems. Securecomm offers a solution to providing integration with business management solutions and third party systems. Securecomm can offer the preferred solution to integrating a range of different detection products into one software solution, making operator actions a simple and reliable process.

The infrastructure is designed around a network based solution which makes Securecomm flexible for both connection of devices and also monitoring of the security management system. Communication on the management system is based on the 10/100 internet protocol.

Securecomm can operate in differing network environments, including dedicated fibre optic networks, dedicated copper cabled systems and also has the added benefit of utilising all or part of an existing site network, providing an extremely cost effective solution. Utilising existing networks can make the solution extremely cost effective.

Securecomm communicates with a large number of Intelligent Control Modules. These units connect to either a local area network (LAN) or across a wide area network (WAN).

The ICM controller has 16 inputs and 16 outputs. Each ICM is connected on the network.

Securecomm has been integrated with AXIS cameras. These cameras can be viewed from within the software, allowing an operator to view the actual cause of alarm activations in real time. Video verification provides key information on the type of activation, level of threat and provides the operator with the knowledge required to form an appropriate and measured response.

Securecomm signalling and control