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Product Overview

Access Control systems are considered an essential tool to restrict and control staff, visitors and contractors entering or leaving secure buildings and sites. Paramount offers a wide range of access control systems using technologies based on proximity cards, swipe cards, biometrics or palm readers.

We supply and install systems to manage the needs of one site with a small number of doors right through to thousands of sites connected to a corporate network. Our access control technology is designed to operate doors, automatic gates, automatic barriers and pedestrian turnstiles, but will also link or integrate into time and attendance systems, evacuation systems and automatic roll call.

Specifying or managing an access control system can be a complex issue, even for clients with their own corporate technology departments. We have developed our own management platform, Access Manager. Clients using this service benefit from a fully hosted and managed access system. All information is securely stored and backed up through our own Central Station.

A major advantage of Access Manager is its unique ability to operate with hardware made by different suppliers. Honeywell, Siemens and Europlex technologies are all fully supported. This flexible approach to access control is ideal for clients with many different access systems, as they can be combined to function as one service. Access Manager is a powerful tool which prevents hardware vendor locking and protects existing investments in infrastructure. Our client base is secure and safe in the knowledge that information cannot become lost or corrupted. We manage and provide the solution as a service provider and our client or end user can access the system using either a web browser or client software installed on their own computers.

Our customers are assigned a login via a secure web portal, where new cards can be added, users deleted, or existing card holders modified. Photos of the card holder can be uploaded to our ID card production facility, where we can produce ID thermally printed cards on behalf of clients.

Our access solutions feature time zones and selectable access levels, which allow managers or security staff to control who can enter through doors or gates. Time restrictions can also be applied as with most access systems. All our hosted access systems have a full audit-compliant event log, which stores transactions from thousands of doors across thousands of sites. Events are stored for up to 12 months (as specified by each customer) and every event can also be viewed remotely via our customer web portal or using your own client software.