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Product Overview

Paramount G series next generation of automatic sliding gates are manufactured in cantilever format, thereby avoiding possible problems with the adjacent road surface. Constructed using heavy-duty steel sections and long lasting paint treatment process, our industrial automated gates are specified for use in high traffic environments and are a popular choice for protecting and maintaining boundary security.

Paramount automatic gates have continuously developed since their introduction in 1990. Our years of professional expertise guarantee the client receives a proven product, which will operate reliably for many years to come.

Our expertise in commissioning security systems has earned us a national reputation with end users for providing a comprehensive ISO9000 accredited solution, capable of meeting the highest of customer expectations.

Specifying Paramount G- series automatic sliding gates ensures the client or end user will benefit from years of trouble free service, secure in the knowledge that every product in our fully automatic range meets BS EN12453 industry standards. Our gates are ideal for bridging uneven road surfaces, railway lines or even harbour entrances, on road widths between 2.0 and 24.0 metres, and with closures between 1.0 and 3.0m high. Each single gate leaf can be manufactured to a maximum road width of 12m.

The Paramount G- series automatic sliding gate range incorporates many advanced features which raises it above competing products. It offers an aesthetically pleasing and totally reliable security solution, regardless of the type of premises requiring protection. Each gate leaf slides at an impressive operating speed, but during both the opening and closing cycles the drive system continuously monitors the gate leaf. So the gate reverses or stops should it come into contact with an object, person or vehicle and is in full compliance with the latest European Safety requirements.

A Paramount-built highly reliable, rack tooth propulsion system operates the gate with smooth, quiet precision and exceptional reliability. The G- series is a popular choice for many architects, police forces and local authorities and protection of national critical infrastructure. All of our automated ranges have been type approved and hold full factory CE accreditation.

Our G- series sliding gates are fully welded in one piece and contain no bolted together sections. This minimizes the risk of injury should a vehicle collide with the gate, as with no bolts that could shear on impact, the structure remains intact to maintain security and safety.

Key features of the heavy duty automatic gate range

Technical Specifications

  • Manual Version Available
  • Wide Range of Ancillaries
  • Energy Efficient
  • Manual Winding Handle
  • Ruggedised Construction
  • Quiet Operation
  • Supplied Assembled
  • Single Frame Gantry
  • Choice of Infill
  • Long lasting weather resistant coating
  • Choice of Heights upto 3.0m
  • Choice of Widths upto 12.0m
  • Soft Start/Stop Technology
  • Variable Speed Technology
  • 240v/110v Supply Voltage
  • Double Leaf Operation (optional)
  • Low Power Consumption
  • IP Network control (optional)
  • Choice of colours
  • Laser cut company logo (optional)

Para- G series data sheet

Para- G series layout

Access control post- single height

Access control post- double height

Para G-series 3m - 6.5m layout