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Product Overview

Paramount Automatic swing gates are the ideal solution for protecting the perimeter of all types of premises ranging from light domestic to heavy industrial. Our swing gates operate using a remotely positioned articulated arm.

Reliable automation for swing gates has been notoriously difficult to achieve. Many factors can affect performance but crucially wind is one of the most difficult naturally occurring phenomena to cope with and can significantly reduce performance on automatic swing gates. The common practice of mounting automated drive systems across the back of a swing gate often leads to system failures and ultimately insecure premises. This is because a conventional swing gate drive system is unable to cope with severe wind conditions experienced in the UK.

Recognising the need for a much more reliable method of automating swing gates, Paramount introduced the Power Arm range in 1995. This range is now specified by many corporate and blue chip customers and recognised as amongst the very best available in the industry.

Paramount automatic swing gate Power-Arm drive unit  offers heavy-duty operation and is designed to overcome problems associated with high wind forces. It is also exceptionally secure, offering positive locking of the gate leaves, without the need for any additional locking systems on gates below 4.0 meters per leaf (8.0m total opening). The Power-Arm series is available in three versions depending upon the application, but typically handles from 45 operations an hour to our continuously rated version.

Each gate leaf has an opening/closing time of 15 seconds depending on the size of the gate. Whilst the gate travels in both the open and closing cycles the drive system continuously monitors the gate leaf for contact or object collision. Should this happen, it will reverse or stop. This detection capability offers safety for both people and vehicles and complies with the latest European safety requirements. A highly reliable gearbox-driven propulsion system operates the gate with smooth, quiet precision and exceptional reliability.

Our automatic swing gate range can provide a solution where space is at a premium and, in order to reduce costs, our heavy duty swing gate automation system can be fitted to existing swing gates. All of our automated ranges have been type approved, meet BSEN12453 and are also CE marked.

Technical Specifications

  • Twin infrared safety beams, preventing closure onto vehicles. The twin beam resists snow, fog and frosting, providing secure reliable detection.
  • Manual hand release, for use in a power failure.
  • Non-scissor action drive mechanism.
  • Optional- Anti-Tamper Siren, built into our Para-S series gates which sounds if the gate is tampered with.
  • Optional intruder alarms can connect directly to our intelligent controller providing you with remote notification of any attempt to force the gate open.
  • Local Emergency stop buttons.
  • Long life orange flashing beacon reduces maintenance and complies with safety legislation.
  • Paramount Long Life Bearing Hinges- designed for arduous duty cycles.
  • Optional Powder Coating in any RAL colour of your specification.
  • Optional Advanced Safety Intelligence- Our purpose designed gate controller minimises the risk of accidental crushing of persons around the working area of a remotely controlled automatic gate. The intelligent controller determines which direction the gate is travelling in. Once this is established regardless of external safety devices should the travelling portion of the gate detect the resistance of an object, the gate will move in the opposite direction to reduce the risk of serious injury. A local sounder can be programmed to activate, warning anyone to move away from the gate. Our intelligent anti-crush design has been developed to exceed modern safety legislation standards.
  • Totally none hydraulic operation - no hoses, pipe work or hydraulic components to leak or fail.
  • Our operator will drive large or small swing gates with ease, due to its superior mounting position.
  • Electric locking is not normally required reducing installation and maintenance costs.
  • Physical gate stops are not required on our automated swing range in the open or closed position, eliminating vehicle damage to low or small cars and preventing the risk of tripping to pedestrians.

Para- S series automated swing gates