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Product Overview

Paramount rising kerb barriers provide a quick and effective response to any determined intruder; they are tough, reliable and uncompromising. They are the ideal solution to unwanted vehicle access, in both manned and unmanned vehicle parks, industrial factories, utility companies, commercial premises or any high-risk site.

Complying with BS6571: 4 build and performance standards, Paramount kerbs are manufactured entirely in the UK. Service parts and spares are readily available from our service centre, thereby ensuring years of trouble free operation.  Our rising kerbs can be used in conjunction with our sliding gate range in order to prevent pedestrian access into restricted areas when connected through our optional gate interlocking package. The interlocking control system provides seamless integration for both the security gate and rising road kerb. Bespoke traffic barrier management can also be included for high traffic areas.

Manufactured from mild steel sections with a galvanised uplift kerb and support frame, our kerbs will provide years of service, even in poor ground conditions.

The surface of all our kerbs is treated with an industrial duty anti-skid coating which inhibits vehicles from sliding or skidding whilst driving over the kerb in wet weather. Our design also offers flush installation with most road surfaces, providing a preferred solution for use in corporate environments or where appearance is a key factor in product selection. The RK range is supplied as standard with twin LED traffic lights which manage traffic flow across the kerb in both directions. Effective traffic management is essential to prevent accidental collision or damage to vehicles using the road or site entrance. Optional emergency automatic lowering during a power failure or fire alarm can also be specified by the client.

Manual lowering is included as standard and has been designed to safely lower the kerb from alongside the roadway. Raise and lower speeds on this product vary and can be specified by the client should the speed of operation be crucial to the successful operation of the site.

Rising Kerbs