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Product Overview

Paramount Security Group has developed a solar powered automatic gate designed specifically to operate within the UK climate. The Solar Swing 300 gate system is ideal for both residential and light commercial installations. Designed to offer rural and remote locations with the option of a powered gate, where there is little or no option of powering the gate using mains electricity.

The Paramount Solar Swing 300 can offer a solution for agricultural and equestrian premises, field gates, public foot paths or railway crossings, where functionality and versatility is required; the Swing 300 range has significant benefits over similar products.

Solar technology is now widely used in the UK for generating electricity and hot water for domestic properties. The benefits of producing green power and its ability to generate power in remote locations makes the technology an ideal option to power an automatic gate.

Protecting your property with no ongoing electricity costs and very low maintenance intervals is an attractive proposition for most land owners. The added benefit of deterring unwanted visitors to your land and property can also reduce the risk of theft from remote buildings and premises.

The Solar swing range is totally solar powered and requires no mains electricity at the gate position. Our intelligent solar gate controller also provides auxiliary power for safety beams and access control accessories.

Our solar technology can be fitted to new or most existing gates, and the customer or specifier has the option of using wooden or steel gates with the Paramount solar powered gate ranges.

Solar powered gates