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Product Overview

The Paramount T-series automatic traffic barrier boasts an operating time of five seconds and an optimum vehicle flow rate of up to 300 per hour and is designed primarily for car park control. It has become a popular choice for businesses and local authority premises.

Manufactured in the UK, our T-series automatic rising barrier was developed as a result of years of experience with traffic control and management. The design of the standard barrier can be traced back to 1980, since when it has benefited from our policy of continuous product development. We strongly believe the standard barrier is now one of the best in the industry and is a very cost effective solution for managing vehicle flow.

Smooth and powerful operation via a motor and gearbox drive unit is precisely controlled through an inverter. Operation of the barrier is completely non-hydraulic, thereby eliminating leaking pipes and ensuring low service costs with high levels of reliability.

A key feature of both of our traffic barrier ranges is the bespoke internal technology which further increases reliability and performance in high traffic areas. Our control package will integrate with any access system. The maximum boom span is: 7.00 metres with a pole only barrier or 6 metres with a pole and lower skirt. The standard cabinet colour is blue, but any RAL colour is available. The standard boom colour is red (with white flashes if required).

A range of optional items can be specified to complement the barrier, including collapsible curtains, tip support, LED boom lights, signs, tailgating prevention and traffic lights. Both our standard and HD ranges are specified by some of the largest traffic management operations in the UK, including the Highways Agency and UK Border Agency. They can be seen in operation at many entry points into the UK from Europe and are widely used due to their exceptional performance and cost-effectiveness. Service spares and parts are readily available from our stores department and can be ordered for next day delivery.

Para-T series traffic barrier data sheet

Para-T series layout

Access control post-single height

Access control post- double height