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The Paramount security support desk is a service management system designed to help both large and small organisations deliver best practice, providing continuity of security in all aspects of the client’s portfolio.

Whether your organisation is large or small, the Paramount support desk is operated 24 hours a day and underpins our clients' core operating procedures. These often include incident management, task management, problem management, engineer callouts and remote support directly into site based equipment. We also offer technical support via the telephone or video conferencing.

Our clients experience a wide range of issues, from intrusion attempts to equipment malfunctions. The problems experienced with their assets and or services can be managed effectively and efficiently through our service desk support facility.

The technology and years of experience our dedicated operators benefit from ensures our customers and their operational departments have access to the information we hold on their equipment. A custom built software management suite manages all our operational requirements, whilst ensuring no equipment remains out of service. We offer all of our customers access into their individual accounts held on our software, access being provided through a web portal interface. Security and maintenance managers are provided with a site by site overview, which makes managing larger estates a more straight forward process.

Work is passed swiftly from our service desk to a mobile computer in each service vehicle with data streamed live between our vehicles and the service department, maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

Our web portal access features customer dynamic reporting, which incorporates many industry standard reports, including a set of reports that can be published to the global dynamic dashboard. These reports allow risks to be managed easily by our client’s business resilience manager. The service desk utility and technical support centre allows us to both manage and respond effectively to our customers' needs. Agreed service levels or key performance indicators can also be monitored through our service facility.